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Camping u Kukačků is situated right on the shore of the Lipno lake, 1.5 km from his hometown poet Adalbert Stifter. Camping was recently renovated, are building a new Social, lounge, kitchen with new appliances and laundry with automatic washing machine. If you come to us, you will appreciate the possibility of making fires throughout our area, of course you can buy chopped wood for the campfire. We also offer bicycle storage and wi-fi Internet access. Camping sprawls on an area of ​​4 hectares and has its own 500 m long beach.

Children are also catered for. The food is built trampoline, table tennis and children’s playground. During the holidays for us to camp there breeders ranch with horses and driving children around the campsite. Of course, you can order individual horseback riding nature. We offer the possibility to rent a paddle boat with a slide, punts, canoes and sea kayaks.

Accommodation in the camp

We offer our guests accommodation in cottages and caravans at very reasonable prices.  This year we have prepared a novelty – accommodation in mobile home.

Basic camping equipment

  • own restaurant with catering and a wide selection of dishes
  • kept clean and sanitary facilities
  • wi-fi internet connection
  • electrical connections
  • parking, place for bicycles and motorcycles
  • washing machines
  • custom kitchen with refrigerator and electric. stove

Sports and Entertainment

  • 2 children’s playground, a large trampoline and sandpit
  • boat rental
  • football ground
  • facilities for ball games (voleyball, football)
  • table tennis

Refreshments at the Lake

Within the camp is the food at the Lake.

Boat Rental

Lovers of water to our camp only runs for Lipno lake, but also our own boat rentals. Landsmen again appreciate our sports facilities.

Also, you can attend the one-day canoe trips on the route Pěkná – Nová Pec, possibly Soumarský Most – Nová Pec, which organizes our boat rental Mazel. If you are not in the mood for a quiet ride on nature, there are also other alternatives to the lower reaches of the river, which we offer on the website


Planned events for the summer:
27.07.2018 Venetian Night

Favourable prices

See the price list in the camp.

Zařizení patří mezi TOP 50 zařízení dle hodnocení návštěvníků v anketě Kemp roku 2012